Energetic Foods

This quarter I began an independent study on high speed photography. High speed photography is the science and art of freezing fast motion in an image. I was inspired by a photographer named Steve Hansen. He is based in Seattle, has 20 years of experience as a chef, and several years of experience as a food stylist/photographer. Hansen has a series titled Splashes and Crashes where he combines food and high speed photography to create compelling and intricate imagery.

This is one of the most interesting projects I have done and I have learned a lot through out the process. One of the biggest challenges I had to face was creating the splash that I wanted, getting a splash to go a certain direction, and forming a certain shape. I tried different methods on my own but then I began watching slow motion food videos where I could study how liquids move when they are thrown or poured. I tried bouncing cups, throwing liquids, pouring liquids, and dropping items into cups full of liquids. Overall I am pleased with the results and will be continuing to practice my splashing and crashing. Enjoy! view the rest of the project here.

Melissa Adame